Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas & a Happy 2014!


A New Adventure

With my newly made pincushion I'm ready to go on a New Adventure in the Land of Crafting!
And a third Tiny Owl is born (named Trip).


Tiny Owl

Is this my true passion, making toys? Maybe it is...
I've really enjoyed making this tiny owl. She's all handmade and I've designed the pattern myself.
The last photo is tiny owl in a gift bag. I gave the owl as a present to Petra (an illustrator) and Nick who have gotten married yesterday! I'm going to make more tiny owls.


Robots, sketch

All these rectangles are going to be robots :D
It's going to be a big painting. I'm not sure I'll be using the same colors.



The fun side of packages from abroad: Awesome Stamps :D


Lovely Ladies of Europe

My share of the 'Europe project' from online magazine Definite Bracket.
I've illustrated France, Albania, Corsica, Monaco, Portugal, Serbia and a small part of Kazakhstan.


City life

Many traffic accidents occur on zebra crossings.